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Mon Oct 10, 2016 19:14 pm
By day I am a funeral director, by night an alt and fetish model. I am located in Northern California, originally from the planet Mu (Atlantean pride!). My focus is on the creative aspects of the model/photography experience. I'm interested in alternative, art, fetish, horror, glamour, and nude work. I favor the avant-garde, creative, dark, dreamy, emotive, kitsch, surreal and weird. Put simply, I'm a tiny little flower with the mouth of a sailor.
July 29th
California Wasteland
Video games, especially retro games, anything Fallout, Metroid, Venture Bros. and Twin Peaks themed, comic books (especially Jeff Lemire and Garth Ennis), collecting antique bottles, weird chachkies, and medical items, and Alton Brown (hehe)
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