Tue Oct 03, 2017 14:42 pm
I am a lover of a little bit of something in every nerdy category. I generally lean more towards the darker themes in these categories (Eldritch, JTHM), or overly happy ones (My Little Pony). I've always loved the arts, and playing dress up. When I first found out about cosplaying, it seemed like like I hit the jackpot as it involved most of my hobbies.I learned how to hand sew when I was in grade school, and still haven't graduated to a sewing machine. My costumes are literally products of my blood, sweat, and tears.
May 24th
Michigan, USA
Video games, Dungeons and Dragons (currently playing a "Nekomancer"), anime, and Nerdcore music
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Hi everyone! I'm currently at Youmacon in Detroit this weekend. I have some free Cosplay Deviants march on hand to give out too! I will be helping out the video department in the anime viewing rooms located in Cobo from 6pm-10pm, and roaming around any other time. Want some swag? Come say "hello!"


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