Sun Apr 04, 2021 01:42 am
Hey everyone! I am Sylence, and I have been doing Cosplay for over a decade. Crafting and Cosplaying are huge hobbies of mine and I'm so excited to be here. I am also an avid reader, a video gamer, and a motorcycle rider
December 5th
Upstate NY
Yuuuuri..... I'm not ashamed. :) Shizuma from strawberry panic is my go to Cosplay.
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Woooohooo! So my first photo shoots are done and WOW, what an awesome experience! I had the chance to work with Chain, and my old friend RyokoYuuki. We met 3 years ago and have been con partners in those years! It's all thanks to her I even know about CosDev! Over the weekend I did four shoots with Chain, and of those four, two were actually with RyokoYuuki. She went out of her way to plan this whole weekend and her effort really showed! And Chain, wow, what a guy! He made me feel completely comfortable in my first modelling experience, he was fun and engaging without ever making me feel uncomfortable. Despite all the Cosplay mishaps and silly hiccups, we all worked together to find good solutions and get the shoots done. My energy with RyokoYuuki is awesome, so hopefully that shows in our shoots.

Day one was Momo Yaoyorozu, and a duo with one of my favorite ships, Jiro! And seriously, standing naked outside on a stump while people are saying, "Can you bend over f...