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Sun Feb 17, 2019 00:46 am
I enjoy making cosplays that challenge my skills. When I have free time away from work, you can find me gaming, watching anime, reading comics, drawing, or playing D&D.
January 11th
Pacific Northwest, USA
Bad shounen animes. Like garbage-tier shounen animes. Why? No why. Don't tell my roommates or I'll be shunned ;D
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Hi Everyone!

I've never written a blog for this website before! If the formatting is wonky, it's because I'm on my phone. Please let me know so I can fix it on my computer in the morning. Anyway, I just realized I haven't formally introduced myself and my first set was up quite some time ago! First off, my name is Sybil. I love to do competitive cosplay and have one event I attend every year. This year, I plan on adding a second event, but it depends on if I have time to do two major cosplays on top of all the fun old-school stuff I have planned for you for this year!

I have an avid love for animes and video games from my childhood. If I have time, I will be competing as Meru from Legend of Dragoon at a con at the end of summer. Her dragoon armor is something I've wanted to own since that game came out. My skills are finally at a point that I might consider making her! Halloween Town Sora from Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II is another d...