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Tue May 04, 2021 16:16 pm
I enjoy making cosplays that challenge my skills. When I have free time away from work, you can find me gaming, watching anime, reading comics, drawing, or playing D&D.
January 11th
Pacific Northwest, USA
Bad shounen animes. Like garbage-tier shounen animes. Why? No why. Don't tell my roommates or I'll be shunned ;D
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Hey Guys!

I hope everyone's health, both physical and mental, is fairing well! I gained a little weight from quarantine and am working on dropping it. I really need to start jogging or exercising or something, but I don't have the motivation at the moment. My mental health has been wavering a bit. I've had a really rough 2k20 so far. My spring term was basically just one giant train wreck after another. My step dad was in the hospital with pneumonia, and then my brother. At the beginning of the term, my aunt passed away. My cat had an emergency vet visit, which super sucked because I was technically unemployed at the time. My sister ended up in a horrible car accident here a couple weeks ago and it made it so difficult to take the calculus final exam. Which is what I'm studying for now, because my professor is having me retake the exam and putting me through the stress all over again, instead of, you know, working with me on a decent compromi...