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Thu May 14, 2020 01:11 am
I'm a freelance photographer in Austin, TX. I first got into photography after visiting SDCC in 2005. I was so inspired by the art and artists I met, that I went home and started looking for that passion in me. I found photography and never looked back. In 2010 I went full time and have been making my living with my camera ever since.
September 19th
Austin, TX
I am obsessed with comic book history. I have dozens of books about comics, including an original copy of the infamous Seduction of the Innocent
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Yay!! My second set with Heathen is out!  Go check out Captivating Cousin on Heathen's profile page if you haven't seen it already.  This shoot was an absolute blast.  We found a gorgeous spot just south of downtown Austin with a gorgeous view of the skyline and not many prying eyes to discover SG's true identity.  Though we did have one small incident where a construction worker from the site next door came over and decided to eat lunch and watch us shoot.  After a long conversation explaining why he couldn't stick around, we were finally able to resume the shoot and get back to business.  To date, this has been one of my favourite sets, though there are some really fun ones in the pipeline that I think fans of Cosplay Deviants are really going to enjoy.

Is anyone as big a fan of the CW series as I am?  I'm excited to see Superman make an appearance, but, honestly, I think the show stands by itself without him. &...