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Thu Apr 18, 2019 15:42 pm
INFP I get pretty obsessed with things I'm passionate about. Art, tattooing, costuming, reading (epic fantasy is my favorite genre), movies (horror and fantasy especially), comics w a strong female lead (Aspen girls are the best), and Xena Warrior Princess all feed my passion. I'm another one of those creative, artist types who are socially inept. If you see me at a con, I apologize in advance for being shy/awkward. Anything can be made to be dirty, I swear my mind is somewhere between Archer and Beavis and Butthead. I'm a pervert in the best way.
March 10th
Penis of America
Don't have any guilt with my pleasures, but: Pointy ears, sexiest thing ever.!Elves and Vulcans turn me on so. Elves for their mystery and grace, Vulcans for their intelligence and emotional unavailability. I've had my ears pointed, will get them redone!
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Just submitted my Aquaman set! Cross your fingers it gets accepted! I'm super proud of it, this was my first time using both foam and worbla for armor, I learned a lot! Also first time I've curled a wig, it was challenge and resulted in a few slightly burned fingertips. Haha Also the first time I've assembled, sanded, painted a 3D printed prop /weapon. Anyone who says 3D printing is cheating is crazy! It was still quite a bit of work! I trimmed my eyebrow for Aquaman, now I look a bit funny in regular life, but all for the cosplay! I did purchase some things, (trident kit w buckle, temp tattoos) as I have a full time job and lots of responsibilities that don't allow me to work on every facet of cosplay. I used to be against buying anything premade for Cosplay, but as I prioritize my free time, I realize that the dressing up and the joy of the Cosplay is not lessened, if anything it's heightened, because I still had time to sleep! It's all about priorities I g...