Tue Apr 13, 2021 00:15 am
I am 24 years old, 5ft 5in, have brown hair (naturally), light brown eyes, a bit on the thicker side, and in love with anime and cosplay. I have loved anime since I was young and over the past couple years have found my love for cosplaying! I have personally struggled with many things like depression and body image issues but cosplay and its community has helped me push past these problems that had been previously weighing me down and allow me to express myself the way I have always wanted to. My hobbies other than watching anime, reading manga, and cosplay are: crocheting, playing video games, exercising, pole dancing, and practicing with makeup. My personality is centralized around commitment, loyalty, eccentricity, love, and kindness.
September 18th
Video games, binge watching anime series, and collecting t-shirts of favorite anime’s.
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Hi everyone!


Im so excited to say that come April, I’ll be an official Cosplay Deviant because my first set got accepted! 😆 I’ve been wanting to keep quiet about it but I couldn’t hold it in anymore.  Look for my set in April!