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Fri May 22, 2020 22:39 pm
Photographer and Costumer based in LBC. I love making costumes for myself and others. My friends are often my Muses. Some of my Geeky Pleasures include Star Wars, Star Gate, Supernatural, Harry Potter, X-Men, etc.
June 3rd
Los Angeles, CA
I read Fan Fiction.
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Catching Up

Hey, Deviants!

I haven't blog since July, so it's time to catch up a bit...

First I want to thank everybody for the love I've received on all of my sets recently. The support is amazing and encouraging. I've had a lot of fun making content for the site this year, and I can't wait to carry that over into 2018.

2nd, I want to apologize to the deviants I have owed photos to. I have had to do three editing on a handful of sets, plus all the new  Contents I had to work on, which set me back big time. I am almost caught up though. I plan on having EVERYTHING rolled out by the end of December. I really want a clean slate going into 2018.

The Fembot Holiday set that I shot with Melodie Gore is going to go live soon and I'm super excited. We worked really hard on it, and we can't wait to share it with everyone. Get ready for machine gun JUBBLIES! 

Britney siren and I are about to roll out a coup...