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Thu Oct 18, 2018 03:31 am
Hey there! Thanks for stopping by please feel free to contact me on any social media :) I am most active on FB & IG. I've been cosplaying since 2004, my goals are to start doing more prop and armor work. I started modeling in 2010 and then rejoined it again in 2015. If I'm not working on a new costume I can be found reading trashy fanfiction or manga, watching anime or true crime shows, and replaying Dragon Age Inquisition for the millionth time.
April 22nd
Smut fanfiction & Dragon Age Inquisition
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Rested and somewhat functional after a trip became twice as long due to traffic. Deviant Potential Sylence and I completed four photoshoots and boy oh boy is she smokin hot and a natural talent.
We shot Momo Yaoyorozu x Kyoka Jirou (My Hero Academia) and Android 18 x fem Krillin (DBZ) duos and we both can't wait to submit them. She was also able to shoot a Momo solo and a Winry solo. Guys, her cosplay is on point and damn does she make a damn great Momo 😍.
I just wanted to say huge shout out to Chain and Roxanna for being the best hosts and people to work with! They helped to make the weekend so much fun and our sets beautiful.