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Fri Feb 23, 2018 15:54 pm
Hey there! Thanks for stopping by please feel free to contact me on any social media :) I am most active on FB & IG. I've been cosplaying since 2004 with about 60+ costumes under my belt. My goals are to start doing more prop and armor work. I started modeling in 2010 and then rejoined it again in 2015. If I'm not working on a new costume I can be found reading trashy fanfiction or manga, watching anime or true crime shows, and replaying Dragon Age Inquisition for the millionth time.
April 22nd
Smut fanfiction & Dragon Age Inquisition
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Some things to look forward to:

Next weekend (February 10th) I'll be shooting a potential solo and duo set for Cosplay Deviants with Dethraux & Subversive Photography - Photos, technique, critique since doing a live video was such a hit last time when we shot Tsuyu and Uraraka we'll have another live video during our duo & solos. I may try to run the duo set on Cosplay Deviants FB page and the solos on our pages. :)

I'll be pouring some time into my Hanzo cosplay /finally/. I am not sure about going live while I work because I tend to get easily distracted and if I'm being honest I'm not much of an entertainer BUT I will try!

I'll be doing a shoot fest the first weekend of March with Dethraux, Radical Edward Cosplayer, Azzi and Kanani Designs for potential set submissions to Cosplay Deviants. During this time we'll go LIVE and provide tons of BTS.

SakuraCon is my next convention. I'll be in the Seattle a...