Fri Apr 12, 2019 16:42 pm
Hello guys! I'm Rykku! I have been cosplaying since 2003 and haven't stopped ever since!!!! All my costumes and set designs are made by ME!!! Can't wait to have a bunch of sets on here for you guys! :) games: i love final fantasy, kingdom hearts 1&2, fallout, skyrim, deadspace, assassins creed and ohhhh so many more ^O^ byebye~~!!!
May 28th
Los Angeles
yaoi yaoi yaoi!!!! and cosplay sexy times o///o AND PIE
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Hey guys!! Its meee! I feel i have been a bit absent here lately and just want to pop in and say im still here!!! Ive been pretty busy helping one of my best friends / photographer with her wedding!!!!!!! We share a house and she is having the wedding here and we have been working hard fixing up the house and making it super cute!! Eeeee im so excited! But im giving her space until after her wedding to shoot any sets cuz LORD KNOWS WEEKS BEFORE A WEDDING IS NUTS LOL!!!! So yeah i have a few costumes lined up, then comes my birthday!!!!! If you check my new facebook page http://facebook.com/rykku.cosplay i have some info on bday raffles and prizes!!! Also links to my wishlist ;) eeeee i love bdays!!! After that is the group eevee shoot!!! Im roadtripping to meet up with some of the cosdev girls!!!! Im super excited!!! And finally i will be at anime expo in los angeles in july!!!! Ill be cosplaying as apple from turbo kid (...heat stroke!!!) and tripp from enslaved. Also cid...