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Mon Feb 04, 2019 16:29 pm
I'm just a regular goofball. I love playing with my hair, cutting it in crazy styles and changing the color all the time. I enjoy reading comics, especially Catwoman! I also love gaming as a way to relax, and almost every Saturday finds me LARPing. Cosplay is a great way to show my fandoms, and I love encouraging other people to try cosplay too! I'm currently reading "The Sheynan Trilogy"!
February 25th
Nashville, Tennessee
World of Warcraft.... LARP! Stuffed animals! My favorite are my tentacle kitties! ♡.♡
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Hello all! 

Just dropping a blog about how EXCITED I am that my Mavis set goes live October 9th! Not only that, but at the end of this month I'll be shooting more sets hopefully for Cosplay Deviants! So today that means going shopping for fabric and accessories. I always like to start my cosplays at thrift stores, because sometimes you find the perfect fabric for way cheaper! Actually for my Mavis cape I need red satin... and I happened to find an extra large red satin pillowcase that was perfect! For only $0.55! 🤣🤣🤣 Always feels like an accomplishment when I can find what I need for cheap. =^.^= Not only that, but at local thrift stores you can often find unique and one of a kind items that may be perfect for cospl...