Tue Oct 27, 2020 16:49 pm
I'm Risu! I've been cosplaying since about 2009 and just recently got really into it. I like making my cosplays almost as much as actually wearing them. I have a terrible sweet tooth and love being all happy-like at cons. If you ever see me be sure to say hi!
March 13th
I LOVE giant robot and Sci-Fi anime!!!! I have a thing for deadpool cosplayers >.> (I still read fanfiction but don't tell anyone!)
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I've managed to shoot 6 sets over the past 4 days and now 2 to go! I'm really really excited about this!!! Now you guys will be getting consistent sets from me for at least the next year instead of having a year break between sets =P

You can follow my misadventures on https://instagram.com/risu.kuroshima/

and get even more fun pictures from my photographer for these sets https://instagram.com/kramerstudios/