Sat Apr 17, 2021 23:11 pm
I'm Raen. Immmm I'm terrible about these "about me" sections... Let's see.. I got into anime/manga when I was a pre teen. I used to go sit at the local Hastings while mom would run errands and devour manga. I was definitely one of the people who go up for Saturday morning cartoons, the Jackie Chan adventures was probably my fav. I started on DBZ, Inuyasha, and Utawarerumono. I'm not sure what else to say here so if you have questions let me know :3
April 22nd
Manga and Anime is definitely where my heart lays. I'm fairly casual as far as a gamer goes, I could probably list the games I've beaten in less than a minute. I LOVE Fire Emblem and Pokémon the most! My favorite genre is adventure/magical lands.
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I'm in the preview box again!!! I'm SO excited to share my latest set Let's Go with you guys! Im also really excited to finally play the games on switch, I cant wait, I'm going at midnight tomorrow. I also ended up with the 16th off so I may pop in chat for a bit as I play! Heres hoping to see you there maybe we can geek out together! I'll hopefully remember to get pics cause I'm picking it up in cosplay :3