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Sun Jun 17, 2018 22:16 pm
"My favorite color is light tan my favorite animal is poopies I like serving the Lord, hiking, play volleyball" but seriously. I love Nacho Libre, highlander, Dune, kaliedo star, LoL. just an all around nerd. Wishlist: https://www.etsy.com/people/TheRadicalEdward/favorites/wishlist?ref=favs_index_2 amazon: http://a.co/9mUQJzw
January 29th
Middle Earth
Staying up too late playing Dragon age, watching Shoujo anime, and watching really old black and white movies a billion times.
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wooooo! Uta set is coming out soon!!!!! * flails happily* 

I also am shooting my calendar submissions next month, and like 5 cosplays. This summer is going to be Jam packed with shootfests including getting to work officially with Thaitan! other deviants on the summer extravaganza collab list are Stagger, Harley Hearstop, Amy Fantasy,Wight Knight, Dark Crow, Ryoko Yuuki,  and a few others in the works muahahha. Once summer break hits its going to be Blogathon and all the bts photos.

cosplays on the summer to do list:

voldemort, mememe, nega sonic teenage warhead, Aang, Kratos, Nahiri, Raiden, Solas, Squirtle Squad, Nana, Keijo!!!!, Darth Bane, Teemo, Jack from mass effect, love live group, Juraiya, Sakura, Furiosa, Warboy, and Nurse Joy trio hopefully.

stay tuned.