Wed Apr 05, 2017 19:23 pm
Poor-fear-eee-ahhh! [From a poem I love by Robert Browning.] I'm a normal(ish), moral(ish), friendly(ish), little(ish) girl.
May 3rd
New York
Books: Cyberpunk/transhumanist, Steampunk, Horror, & adventure fantasy books. My favs are Naked Lunch, Song of Fire & Ice, Kushiel's Legacy series and authors are Chuck Palahniuk, H.P. Lovecraft, & William Gibson. Sci-Fi: Favorites are Firefly, St
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Another give away extravaganza! Haha.

Go here to learn more about the prizes and how to enter.

This time there is the pretty damn awesome three day passes for MWME (valued at $50 a pop) for each winner along with tons of pictures, one of a kind Polaroids, and fun swiggity-swag! 

I will announce the winners friday!! Have fun, good luck everyone! Yay free stuff! <3

Be sure to learn more about the convention here, and hey even if you don’t win come out and hang out for a day and see me make a fool of myself at my panels, it’s going to be fun! The ever amazing Hex and Vivid Vivka will be there with me!! <3

(If you win and can’t make it to the con I will give you three extra 8 x 10 ‘s signed instead and give the next randomly selected email a chance to win the con tickets....