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Mon Aug 10, 2015 09:13 am


I am Nerdee! Just little olde Nerdee! Well past that, I adore challenging myself and you will see that in my work, be it a CD set, Or just a cosplay or outfit! I have modeled for over 16 years and am at this time working with many talented photographers to produce much more interesting images!




August 5th
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Nerdee is back online here and getting back into the flow of things! Sorry been away for so long! Had some bumps in road, with apartment(break ins) Lease issues (landlords fault they are fixed!) Cosplay money issues (break in caused set backs) and afew more things went on, BUT I am back in the new year and ready to get back to work now!

So new cosplays, new sets, new memories!

Can not wait to work on afew set ideas over the next few months, (it has to warm up and not be snowing for few of them though -.-)

I am also working on revamping my FB like page, since I am deleting my FB friending page (or rather am locked out of it due to FB name rule thing)  So please if you could like my page!