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Tue Sep 18, 2018 00:08 am
I'm very excited to be the first non-op trans female on Cosplay Deviants. As a professional prop maker and a professional porn model, cosplay Deviants seems the perfect way to combine my two passions. The formatting in the about-me section bugs me, so hit me up in the forums if you'd like to know more! Or find me on social media.
July 15th
San Francisco Bay Area
Despite all the complaining I do about the mechanics and the boring loot, I still play way more Division than I do Halo. Worst Halo fan ever. Of all time.
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I spent last weekend in Los Angeles at the wonderful Transgender Erotica Awards show.  I wore a stupid nerdy tank top to the pre party, and for the show I wore a Her Universe Kylo Ren dress.

A lot of my friends won awards, but what was incredibly surprising was starting off the night winning an award with several other folks!  We got the "Best DVD" award for our work in "Real Fucking Girls 2", and it was such an amazing moment.   Anyways, since I hate the formatting of typing here, have some picture spam. :) 

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