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Tue Oct 15, 2019 18:09 pm
I've been cosplaying on and off for the last 10 years, mostly for conventions and Shadowcasts. I really enjoy the reverse engineering that goes into figuring out how to take a costume from the screen into the real world and working with new materials and techniques. My favourite fandoms include Star Trek (specifically TNG and Voyager), Harry Potter (Ravenclaw for life!), Doctor Who/Torchwood, Firefly, Game of Thrones, Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles, The Dresden Files, and a bit of Star Wars.\r\n\r\nI also LOVE horror movies and the macabre and supernatural.
November 25th
I like perusing rule 34 fanart. ☺️
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Late notice, I know, but if you're not doing anything tonight, I'll be hopping into Cosplay Deviants chat at 8pm EST to hang out and style my Misty wig. AMA and watch an inanimate object (hopefully not) get the better of me. :p

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It took me a while to reconcile my feelings about the episode, and this season in general, but I found it: betrayed. I'm totally OK with writers making creative decisions that I don't agree with, that's cool. But I have a major issues with decisions being made that are completely unearned for the sake of shock factor, against the nature of characters the have been consistent for the run of the show, and a departure from the soul of the show itself lying with its characters journeys in favor of cinimatic visuals.    Spoilers:           I feel that Dany intentionally burning innocents is complete bs, Varys' leap off of the Dany train after spending lots of time and effort plotting for Viserys' installment in season 1 while knowing nothing about him and making a rash, shallow effort to do anything other than get himself killed for treason is  WAY out of CHARACTER. I'm mad that Missandei died in chains with all her agency taken from her. Jon being a huge dumb dumb and making exactly the same dumb decisions that Ned did and then, after 8 seasons of women coming to his rescue after he botches his authority, being lauded like he's going to be the savior of the realm. Ugh! So many issues with poor writing from people who haven't known these characters well enough without source material to draw from enough to do them justice but we're arrogant enough to think they could do it in 13 episodes. They boxed themselves into a corner and chose fancy visuals and cheap shocks over the integrity of the narrative and it's characters. /endrant   But Cleganebowl was badass