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Mon Mar 02, 2020 16:28 pm
Im never good at writing these things..... Im from Georgia living in So Cal Took time off from cosplay to work as a paramedic I make art and design sets and furniture Everything from paint to power tools I like, bondage, latex, high heels, video games, comic books, working with my hands, music, dancing, cooking, and collecting toys Pinball addict Mental health advocate Patreon creator
April 28th
Los Angeles
smell of spraypaint japanese school uniforms princess leia obsessed pinball on ps4
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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to check in since a lot of new stuff is out. Im excited for my Jessica Jones set coming up wooo. I have also been busy crafting and learning new things like archery and leather working. Check out my Patreon....its mostly free for everyone to see the stuff im up to on there. Im currently doing a woman crush series and have shot 5 so far....oh and did the michaels challenge! Ive submitted new sets on here too. Im keeping my fingers crossed they get accepted! For now though here is one of my woman crush pictures. This was taken after the deviants party at Anime LA. Gotta love Rei <3