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Wed Feb 01, 2017 20:41 pm
Writer, misanthropist, and metal-head, I like my geeky and nerdy fixations as much as the next person but I especially like when they're adapted creatively from costuming, cosplay, music, and more.
August 19th
Online Advanced D&D, gaming, bad horror movies, occult books, and Viking metal.
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Recently  I have taken it upon myself to begin analyzing the events and conventions I attend in the scope of understanding the appeal of adult content. Conventions are often intended for participants of all ages and interests. These are businesses, often for profit, that focus on entertainment and retention of patrons and participants as well as maintaining a positive rapport between vendors, performers, and guests. I have worked conventions both as a volunteer and as staff in coordinating and executing programming intended to both captivate and arouse the imagination and enthusiasm of attendees. Taking all of that into consideration, when it comes to programming more geeky and even more kinky, how much is too much to dissuade both patronage to these conventions and vendors and guests? And do we need more of it in our convention programming? At what point does a family-friendly event become a full after-hours party of debauchery?
From my own experiences at kink conventio...