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Sat Jul 29, 2017 22:42 pm
First, thank you for visiting my page! Even though I'm still new to cosplay, I have fallen head over heels with cosplay modeling! I enjoy the challenge that comes with having flawless character accuracy, posing, expressions, and location! I grew up on a N64 so games like Super Mario, Super Smash Bros., Yoshi's Island, Mario Party, Mario Kart, and such! Although my current favorite game is the Fallout series! I adore the vintage touch they included. I'm a lover of the classics so I'm excited to share things that are nostalgic for me, with you. P.S. I have an IRL side kick named LeeLee! She's my dog that fights crime on a daily basis with me
December 20th
Austin, Texas
Learning how to do different character voices!
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Pokemon Go!

EEEEEPPPPP! The past few days have been great for Pokemon Go! First, I leveled up to lvl30 then caught 2 of each Legendary Pokemon, Lugia and Articuno! I went 2/4 on my Lugia raids and 2/6 on my Articuno raids. It was so frustrating when they kept popping out of my balls but at least I was able to catch more than 1! I'm about to move from Austin so I will miss the raid family I developed the past few months. It was so awesome raiding with the same people and coordinating with new ones to take down Raid Bosses! Something else I'm excited about is that I'm only 1 Pokemon (Aerodactyl) away from completing my Gen 1 Pokedex (besides Regional) from the available Pokemon! I have a 10km egg incubating now so fingers crossed this is finally the lucky one! Well that's about it! Thanks for reading <3