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Tue Feb 04, 2020 06:21 am
Want to game with me? I'm also Keelah Monster on Steam! I love roleplay, cosplay, gaming, anime, comics, and reading. Lots of other things too, but those are some of my favorites. I have a ton of great shoots planned now that I'm here!
December 28th
Completely nonsensical sexual situations involving multiple Warcraft characters, Hancock from Fallout 4, Philippa Eilhart from The Witcher, Isabela from Dragon Age 2, or Garrus from Mass Effect. Writing bad fanfiction I never post Erotic roleplay Cospl
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 Hey guys, sorry, I should really log in more often. I tend to get busy  and it slips my mind. I make most of my costumes and not all of them end up getting CosDev content either because of going against rules (Disney stuff, young characters, lots of blood and gore) or I haven't quite thought up a good scenario for them yet, but I do have a lot of CosDev content I'm planning in the near future! I've got Hanzo and Reaper shot, so hopefully you'll get to see those in the future. Then what I haven't shot yet includes:
Ciri (Witcher 3)
Triss Merigold (Witcher 3)
Bloody Mary (Wolf Among Us)
Jaina Proudmoore (World of Warcraft)
Squiggly (Skullgirls)

Then there's some costumes I want to shoot one day that I'm just starting to build!
Syanna (Witcher 3 :Blood and Wine)
Cerebella (Skullgirls)
Sombra (Overwatch)
Shani (Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone)
Kasumi (DOA)