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Thu Mar 18, 2021 18:04 pm
26, make photoshoot for more than 6 years now, starting with cosplay. Not so much of an Otaku, more a gamer/comics lover and trad animation fan. But like a good anime once in a while ♥ Child of Nature, spent my best times under a tree with a book.
May 13th
Aard Skellige
Drink Long Island while playing Soul Calibur ~
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What a Year


Oh I laughed so hard reading my last blog post, it was before we knew about Covid... "2020 has so much potential!"

Well, wake up Luna, you're in 2021 now and it's been quite shitty, all the larps have been delayed, all the conventions, and the state of your country is devastating but...

Here we are, shooting butt pictures and still enjoying the little things of life!

I must admit, a lot happened, and nothing at the same time, i guess you'll find accuracy in those words, but I'm surely ready to make more content for you guys! Posing just give me so much joy, I have to keep going!

I hope you didn't struggled too hard ♥ and that you won't in the future!

We'll win these fights!


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