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Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:28 am
25, make photoshoot for more than 5 years now, starting with cosplay. Not so much of an Otaku, more a gamer/comics lover and trad animation fan. But like a good anime once in a while ♥ Child of Nature, spent my best times under a tree with a book. Started writing my own Fantasy-Post-Apocalyptic lore, follow me on social medias to know more about it!
May 13th
Aard Skellige
Drink Long Island while playing Soul Calibur ~
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Little Peak!

Hello There!

I have so much cosplays I want to shoot ! Perfect Blue, Rat Queens, and a lot of Larp costumes to make! I just can't wait for 2020 to reveal all it's potential!

I'm also moving back to Paris, meaning I'll have more opportunities for shootings (and hanging out with Shae, yay!). Soooo, I hope you're ready, because I'm not!

Have a nice day everyone!

Oh and here's a peak of Jolyne I shot two days ago with Julien Rico! ;) Please check him on social medias, his work is such dope!!


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