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Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:54 am
23, make photoshoot for more than 3 years now, starting with cosplay. Not so much of an Otaku, more a gamer/comics lover and trad animation fan. But like a good anime once in a while ♥ Child of Nature, spent my best times under a tree with a book. Started writing my own Fantasy-Post-Apocalyptic novel: if you guys want a peak, message me :) I always need feedbacks!
May 13th
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Yesterday I finished Jolyne's wig! Oh well, I started AND finished it, took me a few hours to color the base and sew the buns and braids. It seemed heavy in my hands but was really comfy on my head! Arda surely have the best products ♥

So I'm preparing Jolyne Kujo's costume (from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures), Rider Bulma and bringing Cirilla too, which will have the second version I prepared fo her ;) Exclu for Polymanga! 

If you wanna see those costumes (and crafting parts of course) you should check my insta: @impluna_ ! 

I'm going with Shae and Mikadoh Cosplay! 

See you around ♥

Luna ~

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