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Fri May 18, 2018 10:10 am
Hello! I'm Huxley. I love to travel & have lived all over the US. Somehow I landed in the Pacific Northwest & just never left. I am an outdoors enthusiast & majored in outdoor education in college. I intend to go back to college as an art major to pursue a professional career in comics. I've been reading, writing, & drawing comics all my life, since before I even knew how to read. That's where my true love lies.I started cosplaying in 2012, the same year I started nude modeling, though it wasn't until last year that I merged the two together & really fell in love with cosplay modeling. Oh, & I'm seriously addicted to karaoke. Wishlist:
June 17th
Horror movies (especially Hellraiser), anime/manga, Homestuck, graphic novels/comics, & Steven Universe
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Hello Again!

Hey CosDev Family!

My life hit a brief snag & I've been indisposed for a few months. Back in January I was hoping to attend NewCon & meet some of our community but the con was cancelled. It turned out to be perfect timing because I used the con's cancellation as an opportunity to get married!

My husband & I have a lot in store for CosDev. He's a videographer so we're planning a bunch of videos for the site. We've also been making our own videos which you can find on ManyVids & 

Aside from all the business & happy matrimony I've been recovering from a recent medical scare & am still a little shaky. It might take me some more time to recover. I'm just glad to finally get the ball rolling on life again. Blessed to be alive & grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community!