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Sat Oct 07, 2017 21:29 pm
I am a Pacific Northwest cosplayer with roughly 8 years of experience in sewing and wigs. I've been improving my craft since I started, and now that I've grown I'm having more fun finding cosplays that express me best. I recently graduated from the University of Oregon and plan to focus on historical preservation in the future, but right now I just hope to work and have time to improve my craft. I really love cats (more than is probably healthy) and dressing up as my fantasies!
July 29th
I am far too guilty of loving anything horror. I love having my mind messed with and being afraid - it's like riding a carnival ride! You can also find me playing way too much Overwatch. Look for AnimeYaoi - a joke name, of course~

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Hello, all! I shot my first set this morning and I very much hope it gets accepted, but in my opinion it is BEAUTIFUL and you all will love it. Some wonderful sunrise shots at the river and some really nice prop interaction. I hope very much that you all will see it in a few weeks, after it's edited and posted and everything :)