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Mon May 11, 2020 00:04 am
itty bitty ball of chaos. avid cheese grater enthusiast. an enigma wrapped up in torn fishnets and dunked in a bottle of vodka with some candy corn and razorblades on top
February 21st
hiding under your bed
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So trying to be more active on here and give you guys more details about whats been going on :)

Ive been super busy, and have quite a few cosplays im working on for both the site and for upcoming conventions! I also have some already shot that should be going up soon so im pretty excited for that, as well as a bunch of group and duo sets. 

Ill also be working at MegaCon for the first time YAY! i cant wait, i love doing conventions and working the CD booth and i cant wait to see everyone there. <3 Ill be wearing some brand new cosplays so if you're gonna be there you get first peek :D. I also will be coming back to DragonCon so i get to see you guys again who go there, its one of my faves and im working on a super secret special cosplay that ive been wanting to do FOREVER :D. *all the hush, but all the excite!*

Anymews, have you guys seen my latest video? eek! i love it so much, i cant wait to do more, ive been talking about getting more vide...