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Wed Feb 21, 2018 22:13 pm
HI!!!! I'm a NW native, born and raised in Oregon. I recently quit my stable and extremely boring desk job (in July 2017) to follow my dreams and create more art. I graduated from U of O in 2012 and moved to New Orleans for a few years to explore. Now back home at 27, I have the confidence to pursue what really makes my heart beat! I am an avid reader and love to journal and write - I consider myself a complete book nerd. I'm also obsessed with horror movies and love to role play and dress up. As of this month, I am focusing on modeling and cosplay!! full time.
November 24th
West Coast
HORROR, Dragon Tales on PS4
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This is my extremely lazy Cosplay 2017 Year in Review with BTS from a few sets that didn't make the cut. (Photography Credit to Kanani Designs on the pro photos (non selfie) )

My Nurse Sonico was accepted for Valentines Day release and Mavis is in queue!

^didnt end up using this wig

2018 I have shot/ am ready to to photosets/videos for

-Moka Akashiya (inner and outer!)

-Elizabeth -SDS main office outfit

-Tohru - just finished the tail build!

-getting stuff for Darkness Snow (Konosuba)

- have some pinup villains in mind





holding my fangs tenderly