Mon Dec 10, 2018 20:50 pm
Hey. I'm Harlee Syn. I'm a whole lot of curves and geekery. I model, do burlesque and play a lot of videos games. Obviously I'm also a Harley Quinn fan girl. Her new 52 arc resonated with me, leaving the abusive joker and becoming her own woman as well as being a badass and playing roller Derby which I once did. I'm currently learning aerial silks and fire eating.
June 9th
Indianapolis IN
Overwatch, comics, tabletop gaming, anime waifus, and so much more.
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I can not wait for you all to see my debut. I won't lie I was super excited to get the news that I would be debuting with Roadhog. (I promise it'll be here before you know it!) This costume has been a massive headache at times, however I love it, I won my first trophy at Anime Crossroads in the hall contest for Best Props. Roadhog was a terrifying costume to wear as there is no bra, corsets, spanx or shapewear possible. It's a very this is my body costume. I hope you guys end up enjoying it, I took years to love my body (no matter the size) and I'm really excited to share some of that self love, au naturale artistic cosplay fun. 
Also I shot this costume on a trip to Texas, and left all my armor in INDIANA! I was 3/4 through my drive when I realized it, luckily my kitty sitter and bff overnighted it to me for a hefty fee. On top of that the morning of the shoot I was getting ready and noticed my tummy tattoo had not been printed the right wa...