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Wed Apr 14, 2021 15:15 pm
Hello! I'm HarleeSyn, a curvacious non-binary babe! I love comic books and gaming and my cats Mr. Popo and Meow Jin Buu. I love science fiction and I am super awkward in person (I promise I'm nice I just have terrible RBF). Thanks for checking out my page to see what's going on in between CD sets Follow my other social media links on my page.
June 9th
Indianapolis IN
Overwatch, comics, tabletop gaming, anime waifus, and so much more.
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Hey guys, long time no see. I’ve received so many positive messages asking when I’ll have more content on the site. I promise I am trying, it’s just hitting all the right notes first. My photographer and I are learning together so I am trying. However you can see me in the calendar and the new run of cards, so pick those up if you haven’t already. I have so many things I’m trying to organize to shoot including everyone's favorite teacher to take a field trip, a new Dragonball Character with as well as my personal favorite necromancer. And you can always check my social media for updates (links are on my profile).
I started a regular 9-5 job and should have more time to create and shoot and I look forward to sharing that with you all!