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Mon Dec 10, 2018 23:47 pm
I am a Florida based artist who has grown as a person and as an artist through costume making. I enjoy trying new things especialy when it comes to cosplay. I have performed as characters on big stages and want to try my hand in a more intimate setting.
September 4th
Vampire fangs, elf ears, some post-apocalyptic clothes (or lack there of!)
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I've recently connected with 3 new photographers and I'm starting to solidify dates for shoots! I've got Ouka coming up right before HolMat next month, reshooting Sivir and Yuri shortly after that, and a few other outdoor shots that I'm keeping a secret!

I've been posting stuff on my Instagram too! Bowsette hype pulled me in with Chompette and I just fell head over heels and finished her for a Halloween party.

Feels good to have more stuff solidly working again, and with extremely reputable photographers! See progress and bts shots at @gilded_siren on instagram!