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Tue May 22, 2018 13:46 pm
Cosplayer. Gamer. Dreamer. Writer. Adventurer. Geek. Nerd. The list goes on forever! I've been cosplaying for 8 years now and don't intend to stop! I'm always open to suggestions for costumes so feel free to drop me a message! Hi. Check out this list for my wishlist!:
May 27th
Summoner's Rift
Dark suspense animes that make me cry xD
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I cannot thank you all enough for the love that the multi set got recently!  All of the ladies involved are super awesome!  SSD shot for almost 12 hours in the hot Texas sun and we trudged through it all.  It made some awesome friendship and better stories :P  Here's a bts shot from the fun.  (I was so sunburned T_T)