Sat May 25, 2019 14:34 pm
Cosplayer. Gamer. Dreamer. Writer. Adventurer. Geek. Nerd. The list goes on forever! I've been cosplaying for 10 years now and don't intend to stop! I'm always open to suggestions for costumes so feel free to drop me a message! Hi. Check out this list for my wishlist!:
May 27th
Summoner's Rift
Dark suspense animes that make me cry xD
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OMG I just shot a set of Cherlene from Archer and I hope you guys love it!  It's got all the best country stuff!  Straw bales, plaid shirts, acoustic guitars, lollipops, denim shorts AND Rocketpops!  Here's a sneak peek ;)

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Yesterday!! The party pushes forward out of the barn and come into an opening with a shed on the right and a spooky, gloomy looking graveyard off to the left. Six orcs are guarding the shed looking extremely scared to be there. The party quickly goes back into barn and Parfait turns herself into a raven and shapes water to drop on the orcs’ lantern putting it out. The orcs scramble and two run into each other, knocking themselves unconscious and the rest disappear into the graveyard. Kester decides to go into the shed and finds that it’s full of holy symbols hanging across every inch of the shed. Everything starts shaking and suddenly a demon spider shows up! His name is Bebilith. He grows larger and larger and the shed explodes. Ellminster faints in fear and the rest of the party prepares for battle. Within the first turn, Bedilith poisons the group! Ruthgard runs through the barn and knocks down the wall and races into the graveyard. The party fights endlessly against both the spider and the poison. Parfait escapes to the barn and collapses due to the poison. Kester helps Ellminster get her on a horse and he takes the horses outside. One is carrying Parfait and the other is carrying Ostlo. The remaining party members continue the battle with the giant spider, finally destroying it. The fog clears and the whole party realizes they are all still in the same area and only does it occur to them that Parfait had succumbed to the poison!! Next Monday work for everyone?  The 20th?