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Tue Jun 15, 2021 20:50 pm
Hi!I see you have found my profile *wags tail*.Hope your stay here is enjoyable :3 I'm a silly, loving, sparatic, sometimes serious fox girl ( hence my name) also I'm most comfortable running around naked in my humble little fox den. I love anime ( esp Gurren Lagann/ Inuyasha), Japanese food, culture, fashion, art, animals, urban exploration,books, Kpop, videos games, and sea food. I have two sides to me... either extremely shy or extremely out going. ^^; I love most things especially good sushi and bubble tea is like air to me. *u* I own two kitties, and have no piercings or ink on my body since I am frequently asked. That about sums it up, if you have any other questions just ask!
March 21st
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Hey all! Long time no update, just wanted to share some teasers with you all from recent thing's I've shot for the website! Also, wanted to say thanks for all the positive feedback on my new Sango solo that just went live. :D

I just returned home from a big trip that myself, the starlewds crew and Koyomatsu went on.

I shot lots of content ( solo and duo) for the website on my trip!

Pictured above is a potential Fate duo with Cecillia Stardust shot by Stardust Photography. <3

Pictured below is another potential solo for the website of my Wicked lady!

I also shot a KairixNamine set with SMOD, and a Misty Solo for the website as well (not pictured).


I just wanted to mention that I do run a discord sever where I post daily news and updates, if you feel like checking it out, here is a invite link! :3<...