Sun Mar 03, 2019 16:54 pm
I'm a freelance model hailing from Portland, OR. I've always been a bit of a geek - starting with the X-Files and then moving on to Pokemon and Cowboy Bebop as well as the Final Fantasy series of video games. I love dressing up - that's why I became a model!
September 9th
Portland, OR
Re-watching old episodes of the X-Files, playing and re-playing every Persona game, trying all the Japanese snacks!
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Hey X-Files fans, this one's for you! 

When I was 6, I wanted to be Ariel. When I was 13, I wanted desperately to be Dana Scully. I guess I have a thing about red hair :)

The X-Files is my favorite TV show probably ever, with a super engaging storyline that keeps you guessing and outstanding character development. I called my best friend "Mulder" in middle school, and she called me "Scully." I have always been drawn to science and logic, with an analytical mind and skeptical tendencies. Scully embodies everything I love about a strong female lead; she's intelligent, witty, can hold her own in a conversation or a fight, and she's not afraid to get dirty. Gillian Anderson is known mostly for this role, and she's a pretty rad lady herself.

When I approached Gray Fox to shoot this set, we both had ideas; some of them made it into the set and some didn't. But I am so glad he suggested bringing Amy Fantasy int...