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Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:05 pm
By day I'm a model and writer. By night, I'm shovelling Pringles down my gullet while I shotgun anime or play way too much Xbox. My first foray into geekdom was in my tweens when I used to obsessively play point and click adventures on the Amiga and borrow my older brother's 2000AD comics. Now I'm more into RPGs and indie comics but they still have a special place in my heart.
July 23rd
Fanservice series' like Prison School or Yuri on Ice. Except I don't feel guilty about them. #YOLO
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Hello everybody! I'm Fizzy and I'm now officially a Cosplay Deviant. My first set Frog Quirk went live while I was sleeping (I'm on GMT) so I hope you all enjoy it. :D 

It was shot by the lovely Bearded Cynic Photography. Disaster struck when I was getting into costume at the location. The goggles that took me three weeks to make snapped and I had to do a quick repair with Sellotape. Thankfully, this isn’t visible in the final photos and I’ve learned a life lesson about taking superglue with me to cosplay shoots.

The costume is a mixture of customised things bought from eBay and Primark and hand-made. No in-progress pics because my camera phone is potato quality and my focus is broken :( With anything hand-made I begin by hand-patterning every piece on cardboard and then marking it out onto my material, whatever that happens to be. You can read more about how I made...

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I'm new to cosplay too and wish I had more helpful advice. I have a grand old total of 36 followers on Twitter. You'd have to ask someone who's more of an expert on social media how to do it but having a solid social media presence certainly helps. I submitted a set to Cosplay Deviants which is one way of making money but if your wife isn't comfortable with nudity then that's obviously not an option. Modelling I can give advice on. It was my full-time job for six years and I now do it part time. The best way to earn money will always be a decent agency but that requires certain stats: 5'8"+ height, a very small dress size, and a very unique facial structure for fashion work. A marketable commercial look (like women you see in brochures or on TV adverts) with perfect teeth for commercial work. I have none of these (well, apart from being tall) but still made a living as an art nude model. There are requirements for this too. You need to be slim, toned, strong, and flexible to be able to do the poses required. Freelancing works quite well for glamour models too. To get started freelancing you set up a profile on a model portfolio site like Modelmayhem with a decent portfolio and start casting for work. Again, it's very hard to make a living from this if you're not comfortable enough to "open bobs" and do at least topless but it is possible if you have a unique look and pose well. Other than that she could try applying for a film and TV extras agency to make a bit of extra cash if there's a reputable one in your area.