Sat Jan 20, 2018 17:46 pm
By day I'm a model and writer. By night, I'm shovelling Pringles down my gullet while I shotgun anime or play way too much Xbox. My first foray into geekdom was in my tweens when I used to obsessively play point and click adventures on the Amiga and borrow my older brother's 2000AD comics. Now I'm more into RPGs and indie comics but they still have a special place in my heart.
July 23rd
Fanservice series' like Prison School or Yuri on Ice. Except I don't feel guilty about them. #YOLO
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Hello everybody! I'm Fizzy and I'm now officially a Cosplay Deviant. My first set Frog Quirk went live while I was sleeping (I'm on GMT) so I hope you all enjoy it. :D 

It was shot by the lovely Bearded Cynic Photography. Disaster struck when I was getting into costume at the location. The goggles that took me three weeks to make snapped and I had to do a quick repair with Sellotape. Thankfully, this isn’t visible in the final photos and I’ve learned a life lesson about taking superglue with me to cosplay shoots.

The costume is a mixture of customised things bought from eBay and Primark and hand-made. No in-progress pics because my camera phone is potato quality and my focus is broken :( With anything hand-made I begin by hand-patterning every piece on cardboard and then marking it out onto my material, whatever that happens to be. You can read more about how I made...