Mon Dec 10, 2018 20:31 pm
By day I'm a model and writer. By night, I'm shovelling Pringles down my gullet while I shotgun anime or play way too much Xbox. My first foray into geekdom was in my tweens when I used to obsessively play point and click adventures on the Amiga and borrow my older brother's 2000AD comics. Now I'm more into RPGs and indie comics but they still have a special place in my heart.
July 23rd
Fanservice series' like Prison School or Yuri on Ice. Except I don't feel guilty about them. #YOLO
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How did everyone find the second season of Seven Deadly Sins? I was a little disappointed by the pacing but at least we got to see more of Merlin. And speaking of seeing more of Merlin, my Merlin video is now live on Cosplay Deviants. The video was recorded by my lovely friend Magpie1 who also took this photo of my complete costume.

Merlin was only introduced at the end of the first season of the Seven Deadly Sins but I was instantly in love with her. She’s extremely sexy, powerful and confident. I started my costume pretty much the second I finished the season.

This was going to going the little Fizzy book of records as the first costume I’ve made that I didn’t also break a part of on the shoot. But I managed to break the invisible elastic that holds the tails of the jacket up when we were shooting the stills set. One day I’ll manage it!

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