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Wed Mar 10, 2021 15:22 pm
I started cosplaying back in 2013 and never looked back! I'm an avid League of Legends gamer, Blizzard fan, and anime watcher that loves going to any and every con that I can get tickets for! I also love pole dancing, cats, donuts, and the Pokemon Trading Card Game! I do occasionally do convention work with exhibitor booths as an on-hire cosplayer, which has given me the opportunity to travel to around California, Arizona, and Nevada! I hope to one day be able to travel around the world as a professional cosplayer! It's my dream job, and one day I will make it! Thank you for checking out my page, and hope to see you around!
September 22nd
League of Legends, Overwatch, Monster Girls, Pokemon, Pokemon Trading Cards, and Cosplaying!
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Hey, everyone! 

If you haven't heard yet, Cosplay Deviants is currently holding a Kickstarter for a potential book and dvd combo, set in the beautiful city of Tokyo! 

The Tokyo Tour team currently consists of myself, Foxy, Usatame, Andromeda Neko, and Underscore! We'll be flying to Tokyo to put together an amazing erotic cosplay book and dvd with sexy striptease videos, teasing photos of your favorite characters, and goofy behind the scenes as we travel the streets and spend too much money on obscure fandom merch! 

I currently have plans to bring Esdeath (she's in the preview box right now! :D), Tsuyu, and Ichigo (Darling in the Franxx) on the tour, and I'm nowhere near completing that list yet! 

Make sure to back! Don't wait til the last minute, cause you might forget and miss your chance to grab our first ever book and DVD set, PLUS all the extra goodies like exclusive selfie sets, signed instax, handp...

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I know I'm late to this conversation, but I thought I'd add my two cents. Finding a male model to work with has all the same hurdles as finding a female model to work with (distance, relatable costumes, reliability, a common interest to work together, a reliable and good photographer, etc.) but also comes with the additional problems that male models are more heavily discriminated against by many cosplay photographers and there are much fewer of them. I heard a joke a while back that any man will send a dick pic to you when you don't want it, but the moment you want to pay for a really nice dick pic, they won't send them, and, honestly....yeah. The amount of men I have met that are confident enough to present themselves, naked, to a camera, and that are still professional and nice, isn't very high, much less so who are in fandom. A lot of male presenting people I have met who cosplay aren't comfortable with their bodies once they get undressed, and that might be due to the stigmas in the anime/cosplay communities that are also portrayed in animes. In anime, it's a lot of really pretty girls around average or gross dudes (go watch some hentais cause 9/10 will have the main male be portrayed as 'average' or super gross). A lot of animes have the average guy stereotype to make it easier for male viewers to self insert themselves into that character's position, while female characters are often sexual in nature or design to give that idealized fantasy for male viewers who are self inserting themselves into the story via the plain main character. Since many female presenting cosplayers, when cosplaying female characters, end up showing more skin than a male counterpart would, they end up becoming more comfortable with their own bodies over time, while male cosplayers don't tend to show as much skin given the character designs, and don't have to confront as many situations of body confidence issues that would otherwise have to be confronted if a male character's design was more revealing. An example I have is a friend of mine, who is dmab, who grew up watching anime, hentai, etc., who refuses to cosplay anything where his face or body show AT ALL. So he cosplays things like Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord and builds a structure around his body so you can't even tell where his body is, what it might look like, cause he completely rebuilds his whole body structure. It's a bit harder finding female characters that you can do that with. Not saying it's impossible (looking at Samus in her armor suit), but it is significantly harder finding female characters like that. Since females confront their bodies more often in cosplay, it seems like that might be a reason some of us embrace our bodies and the sexuality that is placed on many anime characters, and use that to both empower and strengthen ourselves. And some of us are also comfortable enough with ourselves that we are okay showing ourselves naked and working naked with other people at the same time. Cause of this, more females are open to work with each other, since there are more of us, and less males to work with, so you see more females working with females than males. So it's not that we are sexually attracted to each other, it's that there are more female bodied people who are comfortable working naked with others in an immediate area versus the number of male bodied people immediately available. This is all kind of word vomit at this point, and if I said anything incorrect or worded anything in a way that it came off offensive, please let me know immediately so I can correct it, this just became word soup at some point of me being half-awake and trying to rationalize why there are more female bodied people who are comfortable modeling nude in the community than male bodied and I know it's different for everyone but I kinda enjoyed trying to think of how psychologically it might rationalize out. But if this is horribly offensive or super wrong, please,again, let me know IMMEDIATELY. SOrry if I did offend anyone, and I hope this small TED talk was interesting enough. hell Yeah