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Sat May 01, 2021 00:24 am
Hi there! I've been raised as a nerd from a young age, as my parents were both Star Wars and Star Trek fans. The original Star Wars trilogy in particular stuck with me as I was growing up. Like any other kid I loved my Saturday morning cartoons, but I started gravitating toward the anime series that were showcased more than anything. Within a few years that love turned into my first cosplay at about 12 years old for Halloween, which was Tsukasa from .hack//SIGN (still my favorite anime series!) Ever since then, I was hooked! Not only did I get to enjoy my favorite characters on the screen, but now I could become them! Cosplay still feels like magic to me for that reason well over a decade later. I've made so many incredible friends through cosplay and fandom in general and wouldn't trade it for the world! Outside of cosplay, I enjoy dancing, horseback riding, aerial acrobatics (silks, hoop, & pole), shibari/self-suspension, playing piano, and traveling. While I am a Fresno local, I travel to the Bay Area for work and to visit friends and on a nearly weekly basis.
November 19th
Fresno, CA
Polyshipping! Especially when it comes to well written fanfic. Given that polyamory is rarely represented positively or accurately in media, I’ve found that this is an awesome outlet for me.
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