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Fri Nov 10, 2017 19:35 pm
I have been a cosplayer for 7+ years, a dancer for 10+ years, a burlesque dancer for a little over a year, and I've had a history of acting and singing experience. I have a stable lifestyle and go to conventions frequently as well as keeping up on my college work. I was born and raised a Finnish citizen but I am currently living in Texas. I am transgendered, female-to-male, but I make sure that it does not affect my work. (Please use he/him/his) I'm primarily a gamer and anime cosplayer, but I also cosplay quite a bit from various horror movies and regular movies.
October 14th
Houston, Texas
I'm a huge horror movie buff and I love both classic and international horror films. Vincent Price is my horror idol. To be honest, I have a little game that I play with every series I get into: What is everyone's fetish?
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So, things have been settled with Cosplay Deviants, thankfully, and I will still hopefully be doing more male cosplays. A theory that I have is that the set wasn't exactly "sexy" enough, so that makes sense, since Nagisa Shiota, the character I recently submitted, isn't exactly a character that you can be sexy with, since his character is relatively awkward about that. Even in the show, when he kisses Kaede Kayano, he does it mostly to save her life rather than taking pleasure in it. Another thing is, I'll usually have a story in my sets and, for Nagisa...I actually didn't. I have two upcoming ideas for male sets though. My male Yuno (pictured) will be making a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich in the kitchen, when his beloved Yukiteru comes in. Yuno decides to try and seduce his partner with the contents that he has out. So I get to play a little with the jam and, since it's strawberry, it'll give the appearance of blood. Sexy and in-charac...