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Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:18 am
Freelance writer (website and comic book) and ex-pro gamer. Currently doing video and board game reviews.
January 18th
The obscene amount of table top miniatures I own and paint.
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Welcome back to the second edition of The Essential Comic Collection.  This time, I will be delving deeper into one of DC’s best limited series of the 1980’s, Watchmen.  Watchmen was a twelve issue limited run comic series, written by Alan Moore (Batman: The Killing Joke, V for Vendetta, Marvelman) and drawn by Dave Gibbons (Green Lantern, Judge Dread, Captain America).  Created during the late 80s, Watchmen looks into how superheroes would actually be like in real life.  Alan Moore used the series to look deeper into the theme of “power and about the idea of the superman manifest within society”.  The famous line from the series, “who watches the watchmen?” is representative of this theme and Alan Moore’s look into the superhero mythology.

Publication History
Watchmen was published and released in September of 1986...