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Fri May 22, 2020 17:19 pm
Hello! I'm Carsatan/Jax, I've been cosplaying actively from 2013. I love anime and games, my current favorite game is Silent Hill 2, although I do enjoy the series as a whole (Enough to have 5 completed cosplays from it and more planned for the future!)
May 18th
Oregon, USA
Binge Watching Hannibal
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I just got back from Kumoricon and had so much fun wearing some new outfits, I was finally able to debut Yumeko Jabami, and got to wear Rei Ayanami, as well as Will Graham! The next convention I am aiming for is FandomPDX and Sakuracon!

I also redid my twitter, if you want to see more of my cosplay stuff (and more of my nsfw stuff), make sure to check it out HERE!