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Tue Sep 29, 2020 21:02 pm
Love star trek and most things sci fi. Dork by nature... and very awkward. Iove to dance and sing off key and be colored in the most obnoxiously colorful things at any given time. Gym rat...and recently got my old school gaming collection back up and running which is a win win in my book. If you're still reading that's super awesome cause... you have an attention span far greater than most of the population. thanks for the love and stuff! XoXo Ps: my ig is @risingsiren (Incase the link is not working you can search it... for some reason I can’t seem to get that one to work right)
May 7th
Los Angeles, California
Bad 80's cartoons based on 80's action flicks
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So I'm trying out the chat here... I was on a bit earlier but I'll be back later after some food, a bit more coffee, maybe a half nap... but I don't wanna over do it and make myself too sore so yeah but see ya later on if you're around and stuff... I'll be popping in and out here and there this evening if you're around :D :D :D



hopefully that will not post sideways :P


Britney Siren