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Tue May 26, 2020 09:27 am
I read a lot of books, manga; even been known to watch the animes on occasion. I was halfway through a theater major when I realized I'd have a lot more fun building cosplays and LARPing around town- performance entertainment is my passion, and if I can do that naked? Whew, even better! In all honesty though. The cosplay community has led me to the most top-tier people. I'm pretty quietly trans, and having very recently gotten that "weight off my chest" I'm looking forward to building more ambitious cosplays and more ambitious muscles- I hope you stick around to enjoy the fruits of my labor! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
April 25th
Oof, I read too much historical/urban fantasy. I'm a sucker for brothers-in-arms having eachother's back through it all, so it's no shock that I've ended up a fudanshi, too. Learning pole dancing solely for comedy cosplay stripping.
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Having a birthday right on the tail of arriving home after con really compounds the feeling of "aaaaaaaah!! I need to do something!!" with "aaaaaaah!! I need to revitalize myself!!" 

Now that, as of 10 minutes ago, I'm officially more of an old man, I get to drop some bday resolutions for the next year- and since I'm still riding that anime con hype, the new plan is to focus less on learning new cosplay techniques so fast and relax more; pick up the skills as I go along. And, and and, get back to doing the shenanigans I love most and make waaaaay more time for photo shoots and performance entertainment!

At this point I have an assload of great cosplays I've made over the past few years and no sexiness in them-- that's not the life I wanna live; time to get aggressively naked, it's the anniversary of my expulsion from Womb Academy after all!!  Hope you're as ready as I am😆

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