Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:26 pm
Texas base cosplayer. I love going to cons every chance I get. I admire the craftmanship of others and love the friendly atmosphere of being surrounded by your peeps. I've been cosplaying since I was 16 and my goal in life is to be Jessica Nigri/YaYa Han status :3
December 2nd
Texas baby!
I get a high off of being the bad guy in RPG every once in a while. Oh and when I nail perfect sniper shots with the best gory explosion XD oh are we talking about kinks?
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I was having a hellish time with a cosplay for about a month or two for a project but now that it's over I can start working on new cosplay projects! A-kon is coming up and I'm thinking about going to Anime Austin since it's a small con. For sure for sure, my biggest project to start will be Fran from FFXII since it will be my first time doing a complete armor cosplay TTATT Don't forget to follow my on my other social media accounts for WIPS and adorable AF selfies.

Current cosplay projects/Plans:

  • Fran (A-Kon)
  • Starfire *Remake* (Akon?/Anime Austin)
  • Shantae (A-kon?/Anime Austin?)
  • Sombra Cyberspace skin (San Japan)
  • 2-B (San Japan?/Oni-Con?)
  • Michiko *Michiko&Hatchin*  (Anime Austin? )
  • Allura (Oni-Con)

Of course these will be future sets for CD :P