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Wed Oct 30, 2019 09:20 am
I'm Madison and I really love Harley Quinn! I love cosplaying her so much that nearly all of my cosplays are versions of her. I love collecting comics and...well...collectibles. In fact I'd say the sexiest thing about me is my elaborate Harley collection 😋 I love video games too. My favorites are Arkham Asylum (duh), GTA IV, and The Last of Us! No matter how many new games I get, I always fall back to my comfort games. (Don't tell anyone, but I like playing on easy, it makes me feel like I'm more talented than I actually am 😂) I'm like, outwardly shy, but I'm a real wild card of a person deep down. I'm trying to get to know that part of me along with you guys too!
October 15th
Florida (the dumpster-fire of America)

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I'm very busy prepping for my first set! For my first (potential) set, I'll be shooting Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn! It's my favorite costume of mine and I wanna start with a BANG! 

I've had my Asylum bra for years because it's part of the outward costume. But I've never had a need for matching panties until now. Today, I fixed that problem! They turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself! 



Make sure to check out my first set to see them on! (...and off 😉)

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