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Thu Jun 22, 2017 06:03 am
Hello! I am Arhythmia, currently residing in Texas. I am a seamstress, goth girl, all-around nerd, and general outdoorsy type of person. My hobbies include dancing and hiking, being crafty, and mycology.
July 9th
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Before my debut set "Forest Maiden" went live I was checking every day or two to see when it would go up; until this weekend, that is! I was so busy with things that I missed it completely! Needless to say, I was surprised and excited to log on and see it already live.

I'm so glad to finally be a full fledged part of this wonderful page and community! It is a honor to be here alongside such beautiful people. It makes me feel very warm and fuzzy =^-^=

Thank you everyone for being so welcoming! I'm thrilled to be here, and looking forward to doing more fun sets for you all!