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Mon Jul 01, 2019 23:19 pm
I'm a chronically-ill cosplayer, model and content creator with a love of anime, manga, video games and traditional Japanese culture. When I'm not spending my time playing dress up or working on new content, you'll find me tending to my massive doll collection (antique Japanese dolls and BJD's), playing SMITE, or spending too much time on social media!
December 4th
A Fairytale Palace Far Away
Otome games, video games in general, Love Nikki (please someone stop me lmao), reading/writing fan fictions when I have the time, collecting dolls, crying over fictional men/women, and indulging in spiritual/occult/witchy things!
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Hey guys! Just wanted to drop a costest shot of my K/DA Ahri cosplay! I'm hoping to shoot her as a potential set for the site soon! Fingers crossed!