Thu Oct 27, 2016 02:10 am
I'm a bit lewd, a bit crude, and usually rather nude. .||. Composed of: 50% Video Games / 30% Eyeliner / 20% Dark Fox .||. I spend most, if not all, of my time playing games. Right now I'm addicted to Witcher 3, but you'll also find me holed-up playing Borderlands, Skyrim, Pokemon, or Legend of Zelda for hours and hours at a time. I'm not fond of the sun and outdoors in general. It's icky. I cry easily and I'm not far as confident as I pretend to be, but let's just keep that our little secret, okay?
May 28th
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Witcher. Pizza. Photoshop. Reddit. Borderlands. Tentacles. Nudity. Johnen Vasquez. Pokemon. N64. Cephalopods. Psychology. Paranormal. Horror movies. Hair dye. Skyrim. Conspiracy theories. Tattoos. Aliens. Terrible reality TV (don't judge me.)
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I'm so excited for everyone to see the set I had the amazing pleasure of shooting with Bear & staff photographer ShortFuse Pinups while we were all at MegaCon in FL last year! I've always wanted to work with Bear, she is such a babe and just so amazing, and she is definitely the best part of our upcoming set! She is phenomenal! You'll see! Keep your eyes peeled on the 18th! (just 2 weeks away!) Legend Of Zelda is one of my favorite series that has been with me since I was a kid! It was a dream to finally get to play the princess I always grew up rescuing! Now I'm going to go home after work and play some Majora's Mask to celebrate. :P

Also, I finally changed my profile picture in honor of our impending set.
Any photo goes from good to great when it has Bear's butt in it! ♥