Welcome to Cosplay Deviants! Please read our Privacy Policy to understand how we collect and use the information you send us.


The following definitions apply to the Privacy Policy. The terms "User" means any person or entity that (a) downloads, attempts to download or otherwise utilizes any uniform resource locator ("URL") that resides entirely upon a server owned or operated by Cosplay Deviants; (b) Transmits electronic mail, files or other data transmission, information or other matter onto any network owned or operated by Cosplay Deviants or onto the Site (whether via private Transmission or public upload posting); (c) is linked to a URL resource owned or operated by Cosplay Deviants; and (d) contacts, accesses or views Cosplay Deviants or the Site, whether through the use of any telecommunications network or otherwise. The term User includes a Subscriber. The term "Subscriber" means a User who pays a fee (determined from time to time by Cosplay Deviants in it's sole discretion) and is granted access to certain areas of the Site only after successfully completing login protocols established from time to time by Cosplay Deviants, including without limitation, through the use of an approved User name and password. The term "Content" means all data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages or other information or materials of any kind. The term "Services" means all resources (including Content) provided via or available on the Site at any time, including without limitation, and by way of example only, a User's ability to (i) access or view Content, and to login into the Site as a Subscriber and create or change such Subscriber's Registration Data (defined below); (ii) communicate with the Site and other Users via the Site (including without limitation the ability to download or upload Content or other information or material, post messages and participate in groups or forums).
The term "Site" means the website COSPLAYDEVIANTS.COM.
The term "Cosplay Deviants" is an assumed business name of Cosplay Deviants, LLC a Florida corporation. Without limiting the foregoing, for the purposes of the TOS, Cosplay Deviants means Cosplay Deviants, LLC a Florida corporation.
The term "Transmit" or "Transmission" means when a User uploads, posts, e-mails, transmits or otherwise makes available (directly or indirectly, by act or omission) or communicates any Content or other information or material to the Site, or through such means utilizes a Service available on or through the Site.


What kind of information does Cosplay Deviants collect?
Cosplay Deviants receives and stores information a User sends to us. When a User becomes a Subscriber, Cosplay Deviants obtains and retains the Registration Data. When a User requests pages from the Site's server, the Site Web server automatically collects some information about such User, including the User's IP addresses. Cosplay Deviants collects information regarding a User's use of the Site through the use of cookies. If a User sends the Site or Cosplay Deviants personal correspondence, such as e-mails or letters, Cosplay Deviants may collect such information in a file specific to that User. Cosplay Deviants may maintain a record or notes of communications with a User regarding use of or access to the Site, and that compilation of records or notes may include information Cosplay Deviants receives from other sources. All of the information listed in the preceding sentences of this paragraph is sometimes referred to as "Customer Information".
Who sees a User's Customer Information?
Cosplay Deviants does not distribute, rent or sell Customer Information to third parties, other than (i) with the User's consent (including, for example, when a User Transmits for public display on the Site Customer Information, or a portion thereof), as otherwise permitted by the TOS.
How does Cosplay Deviants use Customer Information?
Cosplay Deviants uses Customer Information as necessary to process User authorized credit or debit card payment transactions, to facilitate a User's viewing of the Site and to communicate with the User. Cosplay Deviants also uses Customer Information to compile broad demographic and Site usage information about the Site Users, for its internal business use, but such compilations generally do not contain anything that could be used to identify a User personally. A User will not receive any e-mail from Cosplay Deviants unless the User has requested it and a User can indicate at any time that the User does not wish to receive e-mails information from Cosplay Deviants.
How secure is a User's Customer Information?
Cosplay Deviants takes reasonable precautions to maintain the security of Customer Information. Cosplay Deviants provides Users with a secure web page through which to submit billing information when the User becomes a Subscriber or shops for merchandise sold on the Site. Cosplay Deviants maintains Customer Information in a reasonably secure manner, including storing such Customer Information behind firewalls. However, Cosplay Deviants may buy other businesses or sell portions of its own business, and Customer Information may be a transferred asset, subject to any then existing Privacy Notice.