Hey everyone! Been a bit of time since I wrote here... actually its about a year! My first and only blog post was when I went live with my debut set Olivia! Wow time flies.

Anyway, I just wanted to come talk about the shootfest weekend I was apart of with the SoCal models Sonucktia, Magical Malady and Aurora Sora this past weekend! It was literal chaos but it was so much fun! I missed everyone from the last time we saw each other in March and yeah. You all are going to LOVE the content we shot and we hope you'll get to see it on the Deviant's site soon! I personally shot about 8 costumes and I think ALL of them look amazing. I think everyone else shot about the same amount so you know we kept Scarecrobot busy then and now with editing! 4 days of non-stop content creation and so much fun was had. We hope to plan something again soon, but maybe have it not be so cosplay heavy and focus on some artsy things! You guys like that right? Let me know what you are excited about seeing from us (or me) and in the meantime, I will leave you with the costume I painstakingly made and brought the holiday spirit in June: Tharja's Christmas Alt from Fire Emblem Heroes! (Because of course its more Fire Emblem hahahaha) 

BTS Photo from Magical Malady