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Hello hello! Xiphos here, now that I have a second where I'm awake and not at the average joe place of work.

In the Livestream of my Rei Ayanami shoot I had made mention the I have a mermaid tail, and that I would share a picture in here for you all. So here is a picture of me in my tail a few years back! So without further ado, my tail!

This one is from the Ren Faire I volunteered at as a Mermaid, with my merpod. The kids loved my tail because it could change colors and they could draw on it.

And a tail I made for a friend of mine, so we could take gay mermaid photos.

It's official! I'm going to be a deviant! At the beginning of the year I had the goal of being a deviant. Three months later and now we only have to wait until the 20th.

And I have two sets shot. One is ready to be submitted, and the other is in editing. As well as we have another shoot we're setting up to do next month while at Sakuracon.

So if you're going, you can catch me Saturday and Sunday morning! 


Hello hello! Xiphos here ♡ this is my first post, and of course I have to give you a selfie I took just before we started shooting my first hopeful set.

I had the wonderful opportunity to go out shooting in the snow with KananiDesigns and Radical Edward. It was an amazing time, getting to see how both model and photographer work, having fun, and even getting to do some sledding before we packed up and went home. Where we enjoyed some Fo and a nice warm electric blanket, as well as enjoyed some "America's Next Top Model" and the new Netflix show "Series of Unfortunate Events"

I will have to say that being in the snow naked probably wasn't the smartest idea, now that I have a small cold, but it was very worth it for the fun we had and the amazing photos we were able to get.

Now it's just going to be warmer locations and sets, until we forget ho...