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Moving ♥

Just a little blog entry to tell you that I'll be moving next week (04/12) ! 

I'm not sure when I'll have the internet in my new room but I'll try my best at answering message at least twice a week! So don't hesitate to send me comments and messages, but please understand that I may not be able to answer you as soon and often as I'd like to ♥

As for my projects: I'll focus on finding a job for May and June, take some time for me because last weeks were stressful, and start working on new costumes for this summer. I want to have awesome cosplays for Dragon*Con, haha! (But well, I won't be able to bring too heavy/huge costumes. Sad sad. Heh.) 

I'll tell you more about that later this spring!

As for CosplayDeviants projects, I'm still waiting for an answer for my Asami set. As soon as I know if it's accepted or not, I'll start working on a new one! I don't know what it'll be...I've few ideas but I'm not sure yet! ^-^

Hey hey guys!

Little news from the frenchling! I shot an Asami set yesterday and it was very nice, I can't wait to submit it to CD and let's cross fingers that it'll be approved!

I'm super glad I'm way more active this year and I hope to have many many more sets here soon ♥

Also, I posted a miniset that you can see for free on my NSFW Tumblr! It's all free!! It's cosplay! It's devious! Yeaaaaah \o/


Hugs from France!


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Hey hey everyone!!

I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year! I hope it'll be even better than 2014, with tons of amazing sets and costumes ;) 

As for me...I've a lot of cool projects and plan to be more active on CosplayDeviants this year! More sets, more costumes, I can't wait to work on everything! I wanted to make more stuff last year but it's been a very strange year, in fact. Well...Not strange, but...I had a lot of things to deal with, and not a lot of time for cosplay. I did more modeling than last year though, and met new people, but I'm a bit sad I hadn't more time for cosplay and it's my resolution for 2015: More. Costumes.

But hey, words are a nice thing, huh?! Here's something more concrete to begin this new year...Set preview! Woohooo!! I received it this morning, thanks to super awesome photographer who works even on January the 1st to bring you pretty pictures haha! We shot this last month...First we wanted to shoot a Horo set but t...

Travels ♥


Underscore the little frenchling here! I hope you don't forget me ^-^

I'm about to leave Paris for a 1-month-trip all around France and Switzerland...How exciting!

During this trip I'm not sure I'll have an access to the internet very often, so I won't be able to answer your comments and PMs very quickly.

But! I'll do many photoshoots and creative stuff!! And...I'll shoot new sets for CosplayDeviants! Yeaaah!

I'll publish some previews on my Instagram (http://instagram.com/shae_underscore)

and try to keep my FB page (Shae_) updated aswell!

I hope you guys will have a nice December, see you in 2015 :D


Hi there!

Little news from the frenchling!

I'll shoot new sets for CosplayDeviants before the end of the year ♥ I'm very happy and excited about that!

I hope you'll like them!

Also I shot a donation set last week, I put some previews on dA here:


It has shimapantsuuuu! I also have a grey and pink one. I must find moe characters to do CD sets with now!

Suggestions anyone? :3

New cosplays! New sets soon!! Happy happy!! :D

...Just to show you my last costumes guys: A Slytherin student from Harry Potter and the lovely princess Sara Altney from Final Fantasy III.
I still have to shoot my Horo (CD set weee~) and plan to shoot Sara for CD too :)

More on my FB page (www.facebook.com/Shae.underscore) and dA (http://shaeunderscore.deviantart.com) !

Hi everyone!!

I'm very sorry I don't post that much on CosplayDeviants anymore. Sadly I had a lot of problems and changes in my life last weeks, most of my plans were affected (cosplay, conventions...), and I really miss time to come here more often. I still have plans for CD sets/videos and I really hope I'll be able to shoot some very soon! I was supposed to shoot a Horo set in July but I've been sick...It'll be for september I guess >///<

You can find previews of my Horo costume on my instagram account! (Shae_Underscore) :)

I also post news (almost) daily on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Shae.Underscore

Also...The 2015 calendar is available!! I'm miss February this year! I really loved making a Ryuko cosplay ♥ She's such a wonderful character! I hope to cosplay as her again later!

Hugs from France,


Next set!

Rydia set is pre-approved, planned to be shot this summer!!

Tons of pics of my old Rydia costume on my FB page - www.facebook.com/shae.underscore.

I made it in 2010/2011...Long time ago o_o I improved a lot since and I can't wait to see the 'before-after' thing ;)

I'll post you some WIP pics :)

Now let's rush!! The Geek Faëries are in less than 3 weeks, and Japan Expo - the biggest french convention!- is coming soon too!!

...To the sewing machiiiine /o/

Hey there CosplayDeviants followers! Time for some news!

Let's start with some cute fairy selfie :3

Soooo yay new things are coming!!

You can see them on my FB page (www.facebook.com/shae.underscore) with wip pics and infos

Or on my dA gallery to see only the best (http://shaeunderscore.deviantart.com)

I'm working on many new costumes and some are for CD...Well, I hope those projects will be accepted!!

First there are Rydia from FFIV. My old costume is dead (you can see it on FB and dA!) but I plan to re-make it, it'll be great to see how much I improved as my 1st version of this costume -the DS one btw- was made in early 2011 ^.^

After that,...

Underscore moemoemoe.

To answer Ichi and Domi's last blogs x) Here have some moe!!

I'll also make a new blog soon to talk about my last cosplays, and projects for CosplayDeviants! I'm really more active this year and I love that. 2013 was a very uncool year for me, I had a lot of problems, but now everything slowly gets better so it means more cool stuff like photos, cosplays and events ^-^

This week-end I was at Japan Party, a nice little convention near Paris. I wore my Jaina (MoP) and Anveena costumes, from Warcraft! I'll post photos as soon as possible on my FB page, Shae_ (https://www.facebook.com/Shae.Underscore)! I also debuted my Lili (Tekken) costume in February but I'm not happy with it, I'll make it again but with an other fabric, this one is too shiny!! :)

As for CosplayDeviants projects, I've few shoots planned soon and hope it'll turn great! I aim is to shoot at least 3 sets this year for CD...1 in 2012, 2 in 2013, so 3 in 2014 sounds great, don't you think...