Underscore's Blog

Hey everyone! I hope you're doing well, despite this year being very heavy on us all.

Have you been taking some time for yourself recently? Just breathing calmly for five minutes, having a fresh glass of water, sending a nice message to a friend or creator you like... These are simple things that make me feel a little bit better lately.

Earlier today I was hunting for conventions videos on my computer, to share on social medias, and got a bit nostalgic of all the sweet travels and events with everyone. I don't usually go out a lot, and conventions are very important to me - both personally and professionally - so I miss them dearly. Everything feels so distant now, and I hope we will see each others soon!

I wish you a great week and hope things will be OK for everyone! Be safe, take care and see you soon ♥

PS : Here are some cute things I found in my computer... Do you remember some of these costumes or events?!